Difference Between MBA and Executive MBA

Master in Business Administration (MBA) is a post-graduate degree course. It is one of the most sought-after courses by students. By pursuing this course, you will cover all the key business areas such as marketing, finance, human resource, accounting, operations and more. MBA degree is recognized worldwide, and it is designed to build your fundamental and advanced skills needed in the field of business and management. In business schools, it is offered in various formats like full-time MBA, part-time MBA, correspondence MBA, and distance MBA.

Executive MBA:

EMBA an abbreviation for Executive Master of Business Administration. It is a business degree designed mainly for working executives and professionals in the business who are willing to enhance their business skills and grow in their career quickly. EMBA helps you to learn and also earn simultaneously.

Executive MBA in Dubai

Differences Between MBA and Executive MBA:

Following are the differences between MBA and Executive MBA:

  1. MBA is a master degree course offered by the University. It gives you a comprehensive understanding of business and management. When it comes to Executive MBA, it is a post-graduate program for working professionals such as executives, leaders, managers, and other professionals.
  2. A traditional MBA program concentrates on theoretical as well as practical knowledge. On the other hand, an Executive MBA lays more emphasis on practical knowledge to improve your decision-making and
    problem-solving skills.
  3. MBA is a full-time course, but Executive MBA is a part-time course.
  4. MBA course is usually for a duration of 2-3 years, while the Executive MBA course duration is for 1-2 years.
  5. The full-time MBA course is offered by the University. They are held during the course of the academic session. On the contrary, the Executive MBA classes are held only on the weekends.
  6. To get admission in MBA, you must be a graduate and has passed the entrance exam specified by the university. On the other hand, to be eligible for Executive MBA, you need to complete graduation and also have minimum work experience specified by the university or an institute.
  7. MBA is appropriate if you wish to take up a master’s degree in business management that gives you better exposure. While Executive MBA is suitable for experienced persons who wish to grow their skills and take up higher positions in their respective job levels. Executive MBA is a perfect option to give a boost to your career.


Hope we have given key insights about MBA and Executive MBA. As you now know that MBA and Executive MBA are different from each other, you can easily take up the course that is right for your career growth. Keep in mind all the above-discussed points to make the best career choice for a bright future ahead. Timescollege is offering the Executive MBA in Dubai right now at a very reasonable price. Join us today and secure your future with our professional help.